French style and hippies!!


Im loving the idea of being a parisian beatnik…stripey tees,cigarette pants and ballet pumps..tres chic!All i need now is a taste for cigarettes and strong coffee and to start writing poetry and spontaneous prouse…i recomend watching ‘bonjour tristesse’ with the beautiful  jean seberg for style inspiration!(why is it that these inspiring amazing beautiful women are so tragic i wonder?jean,marylin monroe,janis joplin……etc)

Talking of janis joplin the tiny glint of sunshine occasionally peeping through my window is making me think of  summer and hot days and not being able to wait for feeling grass under my bare feet and feeling a lot more free spirited…fingers crossed for an indian summer listening to janis,jefferson airplane,the doors,the beatles,the nuggets and plenty of northern soul….

heres to all the freaks and hippies out there!

peace and love x x



Hello world!!

Hello everyone!

With thanks to mr craig spivey im here writing my first blog entry!Im here to share my thoughts,ideas,give hair and make-up advice and have a giggle!

I love red lipstick,trees in the winter,tea and cake,art,sparkly things,dancing(badly!),being creative,sunshine,peacock feathers,capes,being barefoot,red roses,having a good chin-wag…

I own my own salon ‘hush hush’ in leamington spa and also work alongside the lovely rachel spivey doing boudoir style make overs and generally trying to make the world a more glamorous place!

peace and love jen x Continue reading “Hello world!!”